Guitar World Presents The Steve Vai Guitar Method

The good folks at one of the worlds’s respected guitar magazine, Guitar World have a great treat for all Steve Vai or any guitar fans out there. GW (Guitar World) has done a great in-depth video guitar lesson with the man himself; Mr. Steve Vai. There are 3 episodes available at the time of this post maybe there would be more so so let’s watch that space. But even if you are not a fan of his music, there are valuable chunks of information to take home. Given how much Steve has contributed his arts to the guitar community planet-wide, it is impossible for a guitar player not to have heard of him. Oh and yes, he used to take lessons with Joe Satriani too! I would travel to the moon and back to have an opportunity to learn with Joe.

Steve_Vai_(Milan,_2005)2Steve is the reason why I wanted to learn and take my guitar playing seriously. Steve’s music is dynamic and he never settles for a generic musical formula. His music is always fresh, unique and oftentimes, his approaches might sound unusual. No matter how unusual his music would sound, Steve never sacrifice the melodies. The music could be outlandish but his sense of melodic ideas are always fantastic. One of the best examples is the song simply titled, The Attitude Song taken from his first album as a solo artist, Flex-Able. My all time favorite Steve Vai albums are Passion and Warfare and Alien Love Secrets. In my opinion, these are the 2 guitar instrumental albums which have everything any aspiring guitar player would need to get inspired.

Passion & Warfare – one of the best rock guitar instrumental albums of all time.

Take for example songs like The Audience Is Listening and For The Love of God (Passion and Warfare) / Juice and Tender Surrender (Alien Love Secrets), even if you dislike his music for some reasons, you could never deny that those songs are just brilliant even just in a single listen, right? And, up to this very day, Tender Surrender is my go-to guitar song. Every time I hear it, I will get so inspired to pick-up my guitar and play.

Alien Love Secrets – an EP packed with amazing guitar firepower.

I too would buy any guitar magazine which has him featured on the cover. Why? It is because I find his interviews really valuable – from simple generic to very complex insights on his music or guitar-playing approaches alike. Like for this one I am talking about which GW featured here. I believe you would not be disappointed.

Steve shared many important and relevant points. Suitable for any type of guitar player. I recommend watching the 3 video episodes which are currently available in YouTube. Here I would like to share with you on a couple of things Steve has shared.

“First and foremost, I think one’s attraction to the instrument needs to be very organic.” Wow, what a quote! I stopped at his last word and kept repeating that line for a few more times to really understand the quote. And when I finally grabbed what he was conveying, man, that holds a deeper meaning. I truly agree with him. In order for you to have a deep and unique bond with something that you are passionate about; is to have that organic attraction. Or, in my opinion on a simpler platform of understanding; an attraction which is alive. And when you can have this going on, that will be the sign that you have been elevated to another level with your beloved instrument (or anything which you are passionate about). Yeah, brilliant!

Steve mentioned that the guitar has so many dimensions and there are 2 levels that you could look at. The technical side and the way you communicate with the guitar which he used the term “language”. Well, I believe we all are very familiar about the technical side of the guitar playing discipline. But, what got me thinking deep again was when he said, “…and your “language,” meaning the way you communicate your connection with the instrument”. Sometimes we are too carried-away worrying about the technical part of things which hampered our divine connection with the guitar.

The negative impact which could happen if everything about the guitar to you is about the technical factors, it will wear you down, eventually. And when that took place, you might see it as a chore especially when you aim to outdo your technical capabilities every time you pick the guitar. While that may not be all entirely negative because by doing so could make you an awesome guitar player for sure but, it definitely could kill some spark if things did not go accordingly to your expectations.

Of course the technical rudiments are really important, but there are many other things require attention to as well. Great players they do not just play great but, they have the ability to bring out their ideas onto their instruments exactly like the way they were intended to sound. This is what I believe Steve was trying to tell us. And, as we all know Steve is a master of transferring his visions into aural pleasures.

Well, I could continue this for hours and be a spoiler for those of you who have not watch the video lessons yet. So, I will stop here and let you check out the videos.

And to all Steve Vai fans out there, watch the videos and prepared for a mind-boggling ride into guitar awesomeness.

Steve Vai Rocks!


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