Guitar Practice Tips from Mr. Satch (Part 2)

And here is Part 2.

There were 2 tips mentioned in Part 1 : “Don’t Spend More Than An Hour On Any One Thing” and “Keep It Fun”. I hope they make sense to you.

Here are the 3 other tips which the magnificent Mr. Satch shared: Continue reading “Guitar Practice Tips from Mr. Satch (Part 2)”


Guitar Practice Tips from Mr. Satch (Part 1)

I am a fan of guitar magazines and has been buying printed copies of them since my high school days. My very first guitar magazine was Guitar World in 1990. And since then, got a habit of buying them. With today’s technological convenience, magazines can also be bought as digital copies and I dig that very much, thank you.

Okay, back to the subject.

There was this interesting article which has Joe Satriani (a.k.a Satch) sharing his guitar practicing tips to the Guitar World readers in the 2004 July issue. Back in the early 2000s’ I was a practice junkie. But I believe most of the time I was not practicing correctly and sometimes I felt that I was not getting to where I targets to achieve. So, came this article. I shared this because it added value to my guitar playing and not just some ordinary article. And, we are talking about Satch here who is a legendary guitar player. So, when he shared something about his guitar stuffs, it is of course best to listen and absorbs as much as you can.

In his article, Continue reading “Guitar Practice Tips from Mr. Satch (Part 1)”

Are Guitar Solos Outdated in Rock Music?


Are guitar solos outdated? Redundant; things of the past and unnecessary in the context of the current rock music scene? Like how it was back then in the early 90s, during the rise of alternative rock music or the anti-guitar hero insurgence?

I am sure opinions would vary. In my opinion however, guitar solos do add value especially in rock music. As we all know, guitars is the driving force in rock n roll; it is the voice which had revolutionized the genre since the early days. If you do love guitars, loud guitars and lots of them then, most likely you are a hell of a rock fan too. The primary reason I love rock is because of how the guitars are being played; the aggressiveness, the distorted heavy chugging and of course the searing solos. They made the music special, different and compelling. It completes the recipe.

Okay, my opinion could be a biased one Continue reading “Are Guitar Solos Outdated in Rock Music?”

3 Tips To Recover Your Guitar Playing Mistakes On The Fly…Live!


Hit a bad note? Forgotten the next chord? Screwed-up on the tempo? And you are live on stage! Familiar?

It always happens. No matter how much you think you are prepared to deliver a flawless performance, screw-ups still happen. Misery loves company. But again, everybody does, even our immortal rock n roll heroes made performance mistakes. We are only humans after all.

Are there any guarantees against screw-ups during your performances? Continue reading “3 Tips To Recover Your Guitar Playing Mistakes On The Fly…Live!”

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