The Return of Skid Row with United World Rebellion Chapter 2 – The Rise Of The Damnation Army

Skid Row is one of my favourite rock bands of all time. Sadly, as with many other great acts, there were internal issues. Changes in personnel, record label trouble, the taking over of grunge over rock music in the 90s and other unpleasing situations to cite some. And the most controversial one would have been the band’s firing of their iconic frontman, Sebastian Bach sometime in 1996. Let’s talk about that at another time.

Today, I am writing about my excitement on the Skids new release, an EP called United World Rebellion Chapter 2 – The Rise of the Damnation Army. A trilogy of EPs released in phases, or Chapters as with this case. Continue reading “The Return of Skid Row with United World Rebellion Chapter 2 – The Rise Of The Damnation Army”


New Single on iTunes – Dancing Devil

Cynation released the new single “Dancing Devil” available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify. The track has received great international reviews. Drums are arranged by Bryan Ulric Santa Maria, and Jason Hawkins mixed the song at Rock Hawk Studios. Continue reading “New Single on iTunes – Dancing Devil”

Cynation Exclusive: Rock Star Fashion Trends

Most musicians wear something unique on stage or on video to show off their style. In the following interview with Veronica Fashion popular Australian Rock band “Cynation” members talk about their edgy look and the must-have items to looking rock star chic. Vocalist, actor, songwriter and composer Josh Mak has brought his sense of fashion to express his artistic vision. It is no surprise that Josh has been featured on magazine covers and modeling photoshoots.  Continue reading “Cynation Exclusive: Rock Star Fashion Trends”

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